Times may have changed but our mission has remained a steady driving force throughout our history.

The Cancer Research Society is a national not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to fund research on all types of cancer to help prevent, detect, and treat this disease.


Our values are embedded in our genetic code.



Since 1945, the Cancer Research Society has worked tirelessly toward one goal: defeating cancer.



The Cancer Research Society works with conviction, discipline and determination to help Canadian researchers find ways to cure cancer.



The Cancer Research Society respects and protects the interests of its donors by using the funds entrusted to it efficiently and responsibly, according to strict rules of governance.



The Cancer Research Society supports innovative projects involving creativity and original ideas, because it is through research that the solutions to cancer will be discovered.



Guided by the highest standards and an uncompromising commitment, the Cancer Research Society aims to exceed expectations in research.


Accountability and governance

Donor accountability goes hand in hand with our mission. Without the generosity of our donors, we could not carry out our mission of financing cancer research. As such, we have made it a core principle to ensure that donor dollars are allocated efficiently and effectively.