is precious

Stéphane Rousseau


Stand-up comedian Stéphane Rousseau voluntarily devotes his time as spokesperson of the Cancer Research Society. Cancer having prevailed within his family and loved ones, he faithfully supports the Society since 2010. A multi-talented spokesperson, Stéphane partakes in our awareness and fundraising events, and has even participated in three CRS Challenges. Our team is immensely grateful for his dedication to our cause.


His commitment to the Cancer Research Society


"Time is precious, we can’t measure it. Time is what I miss most in the case of the relatives I lost to cancer. My mother, my father, my sister, a close good friend of mine... they all left far too soon."


But time is also hope. And the possibility for breakthroughs... Funding research is close to my heart, because it is the key to give us all more time. 


For me, the Cancer Research Society represents our best hope to outsmart cancer."