Montreal, February 18, 2021 — The special partnership between musical group Kaïn and the Cancer Research Society (the Society) was the result of an initiative by the band which today released the video for the song “Cœur d’homme” (The Heart of a Man), a tribute to group member Éric Maheu’s brother who died of colon cancer last year. Funds raised following the video’s release will be directly donated to the Society to contribute to funding cancer research.

The song, which appears on the album Je viens d’ici which marks the band’s 20th anniversary, is an incredible collaboration between bandmates who all sing together on this rare occasion. Each having lost someone dear to them to cancer, the members of the group wrote the song to send a message of hope and awareness. They decided to partner with the Society because they believe that everything starts with research.

“Throughout history, man has fought selfishly to gain territories, while others were simply fighting for their lives, slowly forging resilience. We wanted to offer all the men and women for whom each day is a new battle, the set of a lifetime in the length of a song.”- Kaïn

You can visit to see the video for “Cœur d’homme” today, and in the coming weeks you will be able to see exclusive video clips that were filmed with band members for the occasion. Above all else though, you’ll want to visit the site to make a donation to support the group’s endeavour and cancer research.

Cancer Doesn’t Take a Break

“It is important to remember that one out of every two Canadians will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime and that cancer remains the country’s most deadly disease. The key to preventing, detecting and treating cancer lies in funding some of the most promising research projects in Canada. We are grateful to Kaïn for contributing to the cause in their own way, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.” - Manon Pepin, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Cancer Research Society.

Recall that the Cancer Research Society awarded 70 new research bursaries valued at $8.8 million in 2020, in spite of the context of the pandemic which has affected fundraising activities. Furthermore, the application period for 2021 grants is already underway and the assessment committee composed of researchers and specialists will begin evaluating submitted projects in May.

About Kaïn

With over 350,000 albums sold since it released Pop Culture in 2004, Kaïn has offered one success after another at a breathtaking rate. From Parle-moi d’toi to Comme dans le temps and Comme un bum, and including La nuit gronde and Embarque ma belle, the group has just gotten better and better. Their new original songs are proof of that. The group has always maintained the emotional fortitude of some of the greatest professional singers, fuelling both passion and authenticity. Kaïn remains one of Quebec’s most highly regarded musical groups.

The JE VIENS D’ICI tour will resume after the involuntary hiatus and promises to offer true fans encounters that combine Kaïn’s hits with its new repertoire, as well as offer a few surprises fit for grand occasions.