It is with such enthusiasm and pride that the Cancer Research Society announces that Kaïn’s initiative  around the release of the video for “Cœur d’homme” in February of 2021 has raised close to $25,000.

The song, which pays tribute to the late brother of group member Éric Maheu who passed away from colon cancer last year, has inspired thousands of people to make a donation. All the money raised thanks to the video’s release will help us finance cancer research.

The Cancer Research Society is so grateful to Kaïn and all those who made donations. We would also like to draw attention to another initiative, this time undertaken by Ms. Chantal Drouin, Éric Maheu’s spouse. Her friends and family helped her to raise $13,200 for the cause. Ms. Drouin also raised awareness among students and parents at Grande-Coudée School, as well as among many residents and entrepreneurs in Saint-Martin in Beauce, all of whom contributed generously.

Know that fans of the group and anyone else who is interested can still make donations online and build on their fundraising efforts.

Kaïn in Concert to Benefit the Society

As part of their commitment to the cause, Kaïn will offer a concert in the up-close-and-personal concert series  presented by Carrefour Multisports to benefit the Cancer Research Society.

On July 14, the group will combine hits with its new repertoire, as well as offer a few surprises fit for grand occasions.

It will be a unique opportunity that should not be missed! You can purchase your tickets online now by clicking here