The Cancer Research Society is proud to announce the appointment of Mark Basik, MD, as President of its Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

Dr. Basik is the Herbert Black Professor of Surgical Oncology at McGill University and a surgical oncologist at the Segal Cancer Centre. His medical practice and research are focused on treating breast cancer, especially hard-to-treat breast cancer subtypes. Dr. Basik uses various models of cancer, such as patient tumour samples, to identify new genes and proteins that may affect key aspects of tumour biology, including the development of resistance to existing treatments. His research aims to provide critical starting points for the development of novel therapeutics for breast cancer.

‘’Dr. Basik has been a long-time supporter of the Society. Indeed, after several years as a reviewer on our annual Operating Grants competitions, he became a member of the SAC in 2015. The Society is honored that he has now accepted to preside over the SAC and I look forward to working with him in guiding future scientific direction of the Society‘’ declared Dajan O’Donnell, Director, Scientific Affairs and Partnerships.

The Society would also like to take this opportunity to thank Michel Tremblay, Ph.D. for his 3-year mandate as the President of the SAC. Under his leadership, the Society reinforced its commitment to supporting fundamental research, while exploring other avenues such as drug repurposing and translational research.