Over $122,000 Raised for Cancer Research

A group of participants travelled to the Magdalen Islands from September 18 to 25th to complete a CRS challenge. Participants who had raised money beforehand had the chance to be part of a major hiking challenge to benefit the Cancer Research Society (the Society). All in all, the event raised over $122,000 for cancer research.

Recall that the Cancer Research Society’s CRS Challenge program has been offering participants an opportunity to take part in charity trips to benefit cancer for over ten years. Over the course of those years, hundreds of people chose to take up a challenge that allowed them to discover different parts of the world, surpass themselves through different sports activities and, above all, concretely support the Society’s mission.

Stéphane Rousseau, the Cancer Research Society’s spokesperson for the past 11 years, took part in the challenge as a way to celebrate and bookend his commitment. Also among the participants were Sonia Chatoyan and Manon Baril.

“The CRS Challenge program is a very unique and rewarding fundraising activity: wonderful encounters, unforgettable experiences, magnificent landscapes, surpassing oneself and concretely contributing to advancing cancer research, one trek at a time!”
Sonia Chatoyan, Cancer Research Society Director of Development and Event Management and challenge participant

“The Magdalen Islands Challenge: a wonder-filled week with an exceptional group of people whose hearts are devoted to the cause!”
Manon Baril, Ambassador and Participant, Islands Challenge

You can take a look at some of the trip highlights on the Society’s social media: Facebook and Instagram, as well as on their website.

In the upcoming months, the CRS Challenge program will offer participants several other destinations. Given the overwhelming interest in the Islands Challenge, a CRS Challenge is already planned for the fall of 2022. You can already sign up on line on the Society website.