The goal of the Cancer Research Society is to fund innovative projects in cancer research. I am honoured to be a grant reviewer for the Society. I see first-hand the excellence that exists in Canada. We should be proud of the research prowess that exists in this country. Being involved with the Society allows me to use my knowledge to advance cancer research even further!
Dr. Mark Basik, McGill University
Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee and grant reviewer
Cancer research is important. We all know that lives are extended because of research. About 16 years ago, my wife and I were diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, she lost her battle three years ago. Making my gift to cancer research brings me great satisfaction. I know that in some way I am helping. Research makes a difference and so do my gifts to the Cancer Research Society.
John J. Comeau, Dartmouth, NS
I was very happy and fortunate to receive the Scholarship for the Next Generation of Scientists from the Cancer Research Society. It played a critical role in obtaining my current position as Assistant Professor at Université de Sherbrooke. My research goal is to understand how cancer treatments affect the immune system so that better immune-boosting treatments can be given to Canadians with cancer in order to prevent cancer spread and improve survival. I really appreciate this funding support to kick-start my research career.
Lee-Hwa Tai, University of Sherbrooke, QC
2016 recipient of the Scholarship for the Next Generation of Scientists
This salary award has made my program of research on environmentcancer a reality. As a junior investigator, having support from the Cancer Research Society has enabled me to work at the University of Montreal and CRCHUM as part of a world-renowned team of researchers passionate about cancer prevention. Our research team consists of experts in cancer epidemiology, occupational hygiene, clinical medicine and biostatistics. The opportunity to focus on the environment-cancer relationship through a multi-disciplinary approach, which I strongly believe is the future of science, would have been impossible without the support of the donors of the Cancer Research Society. A sincere thank-you to the donors for investing in improving the health of Canadians through the identification of lifestyle and environmental factors that can be modified to prevent cancer from occurring in the first place.
Dr. Vikki Ho
University of Montreal
In 2007, my son Olivier Tremblay died on the eve of his fifteenth year with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Since then, I have taken part in 4 expeditions with CRS Challenge in Olivier’s memory. I am convinced that cancer research can save many lives. For example, Dr. Sauvageau’s recent discovery of a molecule capable of multiplying umbilical cord blood stem cells that could be transplanted to young adults like Olivier will greatly increase patients’ chances of recovery. Moreover, through my involvement with the Cancer Research Society, I have met exceptional people who have helped me greatly with my grieving process. For me, the Cancer Research Society represents hope stemming from research and hope for survival.
Nathalie Breault
Participant, CRS Challenge