The Cancer Research Society funds research and only research, on all types of cancer. Our priority is on excellence. How do we define excellence?


We allocate dollars wisely by focusing on Canada’s most promising research projects. You work hard for your money and we want to ensure that your dollars go a long way.


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As an example, the success rate from our last grant competition was around 15%. Of the hundreds of project proposals we received, we selected only the very best.


How do we go about making these decisions? To fund the best science, we rely on the best scientists. Over 100 of Canada’s best cancer researchers volunteer their time each year to review our grant applications. We base our funding decisions on their recommendations.


But choices are often difficult.


Because our funding is limited, each year, we have to leave some noteworthy projects on the table. And who knows, these unfunded projects could lead to the next big breakthrough.


Help us fund our most promising researchers.