Developing new treatments for an aggressive form of brain cancer


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Breast and brain

Dr. Lisa A. Porter is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at The University of Windsor.Her research focuses on the study of Spy1, a cell cycle protein, and its role in oncogenesis.  By investigating the novel mechanisms that this protein plays in the regulation of mammalian cell cycles, she aims to better explain and understand the critical role it has in the control of both breast cancer and brain cancer.


Different forms of cancer are driven by different changes to your cells. Finding unique properties in a cancer cell that sets it apart from a normal healthy cell is critical to develop effective therapies with low side effects.

The funding received by the Cancer Research Society has helped me and my team reveal some of the properties driving one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer: glioblastoma multiforme. The mechanism that we have resolved is one that we can make drugs against, and we are making headway in this direction. This funding has also allowed us to develop two very innovative drug screening platforms where we can test actual patient samples for their responsiveness to drugs.

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