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An almost untouched wilderness awaits, from Rio de Janeiro to the majestic, tropical fjords of Saco do Mamangua

Not far from Rio de Janeiro lies the mythical region of Costa Verde, a sanctuary of stunning panoramas filled with nearly untouched wilderness. Your journey through this region, known for its coves and waterfalls, will take you along a route once used by 18th century gold prospectors. Your efforts will be rewarded with a visit to Rio, where you will admire Corcovado's grandeur and its unobstructed view on the city that is home to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Christ the Redeemer.






Duration of the trip

11 days

Level of difficulty



Pousada, Lodge et chez un habitant

Fundraising goal

10 500 $
(including travel costs)


Participants meeting at Montreal Airport and flight to Rio de Janeiro.

Meet and Great at the airport and transfer directly to São José do Barreiro by private transport (about 5h drive). You take the direction of São Paulo and cross the Paraiba Valley to Barra Mansa. Continue on the winding roads of the carioca hinterland. Quickly, the air is refreshing, the environment becomes more mountainous. In the afternoon you will reach São José do Barreiro village, gateway to the Serra Bocaina Park. Taking the height, you will enjoy magnificent views of the Paraiba Valley. Finally arrive at your isolated pousada in the heart of an exuberant nature. Located at more than 1,600 meters of altitude, the evenings are fresh and are appreciated around a good fire of chimney after a typical diner. Overnight at a Pousada.

Lunch and diner included.

After two kilometers of walking on the heights of the Serra, you enter the National Park. You move on the high plateau of Serra da Bocaina, often above 1500 meters of altitude. The hike is interspersed with stops at the cascades that follow one another along the way, conducive to rest and swim. After the São Isidro fall, we reach, in the middle of the thorny forest, the dos Posses waterfall under the immobile eye of the peaks of Bocaina, Pico Tira Chapéu, Pico do Gavião and Morro de Boa Vista. Diner and overnight at guesthouse.

Distance : 25 km /
Approx : 8h walk / Elevation : 400m

Breakfast, lunch and diner included.

This second day promises to be less intense than the previous one. You continue your descent towards the ocean, sinking a little more in the wildest part of the Park. The dusty track is replaced by a narrow path that gradually sinks into the Mata Atlântica. There are still, here and there, tiny hamlets of peasants. All of a sudden, you walk along cobblestone paths dating back to the colonial era where nature is gradually taking over its rights. Arrival at destination, you discover the imposing Veados waterfall, natural wonder of the region. Diner and overnight at guesthouse.

Distance : 10 km /
Approx : 4h walk /
Elevation : 250m

Breakfast, lunch and diner included.

At the start of the hike, you go down to the coast and walk the pavements of the gold road for a large part of the day. Once past large pastures, you sink into the dense and exuberant vegetation, typical of the Mata Atlântica. In a short time, the atmosphere becomes wet, warmer. You cross several streams flowing towards the sea, fording or on makeshift bridges. They are narrow but solid, moving but sure and give this trek a taste of adventure that does not leave the hiker until the coast. You walk along the banana fields that cover the slopes of Serra do Mar. Stop for a last and well deserved swim before reaching the Perequê small village. A private transport is waiting for you at the end of the road to take you to Paraty. Overnight at a pousada.

Distance : 18 km /
Approx : 7h walk /
Elevation : 100% descent

Breakfast, lunch and diner included.

Departure from Paraty by local minibus to Laranjeiras village. The hike begins with a short ascent, then sinks into the Atlantic forest (mata atlântica), in the heart of "Joatinga ecological preservation area ". You arrive for lunch time, on one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, praia do sono. After lunch, a short but steep climb awaits you. You leave successively praia da velha and praia dos antigos before reaching after 1h30 additional trek, Ponta Negra fishing village. You stay for the night in this hamlet at the end of the world, in the hollow of a creek, where the only sound is the waves that die on the white sand beach. Overnight in basic but warm cottages (shower and private toilets - no hot water - mosquito net).

Distance : 7 km /
Approx : 3h walk /
Elevation : 200m

Breakfast, lunch and diner included.

You continue your hike to Joatinga peninsula and start the day with a serious climb in the heart of the rainforest (2 to 3 hours climb). The descent allows you to breathe. Continuation for almost 2 hours along the coast of Cairuçu peninsula. The trail overlooks the sea, offering magnificent views, before reaching Martin de Sá beach, a beautiful sandy beach open on the ocean and known as one of the best surf spots in the region. The route leaves the coast and you continue into the land, in Joatinga ecological reserve, to reach the other side of the peninsula before arriving at Pouso da Cajaiba village. Overnight at guesthouse. (No hot water)

Distance : 13 km /
Approx : 6h walk /
Elevation : 650m

Breakfast, lunch and diner included.

Departure. The path runs along the coast, on the inhabited slope of Joatinga peninsula. Villages, beaches follow one another until praia grande ... one kilometer of fine sand licked by turquoise water. Nearby, a crystal-clear lagoon and a waterfall offer the hiker a perfect spot for a well-deserved rest. We enjoy a little of the beach before leaving. The climb is steep, a narrow and uncertain path leads you to the Mamangua reserve, certainly the wildest place in the region. It exudes an adventure fragrance. From the pass, you discover the narrow and deep bay that displays the Scandinavian fjord airs. Arrived at Engenho beach, a boat takes you to the other side of the bay towards your refuge where you will spend the night in chalets, with the simple comfort (no electricity) but with the guaranteed tranquility.

Distance : 8,5 km /
Approx : 5h walk /
Elevation : 550m

Breakfast, lunch and diner included.

You cross the fjord by canoe to go to Cruzeiro, a quiet little fishing village on the banks of the Saco. You are exactly at the foot of Mamangua Peak, also called "Mamangua Sugarloaf", which rises to 440 meters. Ascension to reach the summit, from where we enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of Mamangua Saco. You will take the time to enjoy the scenery before descending, by the same route, to the beach for a deserved bath. Return to the cottage by canoe. After dinner, you get your backpacks, and walk back to Paraty-Myrim ("little Paraty"), 1h30 away. Known for its beach and old Portuguese church, this tiny village marks the boundary of the ecological reserve. Return by local bus to Paraty. Overnight at a pousada.

Distance : 7 km /
Approx : 3h walk /
Elevation : 440m

Breakfast, lunch and diner included.

Departure from the hotel by private vehicle to Rio de Janeiro (about 4 hours drive). Climb to Corcovado (700 m alt.), This world famous symbol of Rio city is recognized as one of the seven new wonders of the world. You will take the time, once at the top, to enjoy the unique and enchanting panoramic view offered to you on the city. Rio extends at your feet, majestic and languid, and the privileged point of view allows you to better understand the physical as well as "social" topography of the city. Return to the hotel for your last farewell dinner in Brazil.

Breakfast, lunch and diner included.

Transfer to the airport 3 hours before takeoff for flight from Rio de Janeiro. Depending on the flight schedule, arrive at Montreal late June 22 or early morning June 23.

Breakfast included (to be confirmed according to flight departure time)


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In order to be comfortable throughout your adventure, it is essential to bring the right equipment. The secret is to protect the most vulnerable parts of your body against heat, cold and moisture. Always pack warm clothing and waterproof hiking shoes. You may even want to consider bringing along a toque and even a walking stick. Choose a light backpack and carry nothing but the essentials for your journey. Check out our tool box section for more tips and tricks.


Even though the CRS Challenge is a personal experience about surpassing oneself, it is also a group adventure. Our team of experts will provide you with useful advice and the answers to all of your questions from the moment you register to the moment you return. We have mastered the art of logistics, thanks to our knowledge of the destinations we offer and the fact that we organize several challenges every year, making your overall experience all the more enjoyable.

A wild challenge awaits in a land blessed by the gods

Located between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Costa Verde contains over 300 magical islands and is filled with splendid and enchanting sites for avid explorers following the route of 18th century gold prospectors. At the heart of the region's parks and natural reserves, you'll discover a lush and almost virgin countryside covered with foliage that highlights the serene landscape of Serra do Mar, the coastal mountain range overlooking the sea.

During your ten-day adventure across this beautiful scenery, you'll pass through typical villages, surrounded by crystal-clear lagoons and fine sandy beaches, all of which bear witness to Brazil's colonial heritage. On foot or by canoe, this challenge's rich, captivating history, as well as its astonishing landscapes, will be sure to leave you speechless. Your adventure will end in Rio de Janeiro, one of the country's biggest and most popular cities, well known for its postcard-worthy scenery and its effervescent culture. Corcovado offers breathtaking views of Guanabara Bay, the final destination of your voyage. You'll definitely head home with a wealth of memories.

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