About the CRS ChallengeTM

The CRS ChallengeTM program is a series of fundraising travel campaigns for the Cancer Research Society. Program participants have the opportunity to take on physically challenging expeditions in exotic locations, and in the process dig a little deeper into their own souls.

The challenge for participants is twofold: (1) to push their physical limits, while climbing a mountain, walking long distances, or running a marathon; and (2) to raise substantial funds for cancer research. The main objective of these fundraising campaigns is to raise money for cancer research; however in doing so, participants also raise awarenss of cancer and exhibit courage in the face of their physical challenge - just like people with cancer do everyday!


Thinking of participating, but want to know more?

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Why choose the CRS ChallengeTM?

  • because it gives you the chance to achieve a physical exploit that requires you to have courage, stamina and perseverence...all in the name of raising funds for cancer research;
  • because it allows you to honour your cancer hero;
  • because you have access to experts in physical training to get you ready for your program;
  • and because you will receive professional advice during your preparation stage (advice from a trainer, nutritionist, an expedition expert, a travel advisor, and a fundraising coordinator).

We strongly encourage you to visit the pages below so that you can learn more about the program and be better prepared for the challenge:

For any question

Contact Sara Hilal, 
Development Advisor, CRS Challenge
514 861-9227, ext 232
Toll-free: 1 888 766-2262