The Cancer Research Society relies on donors like you to fulfill its mission of funding cancer research. Giving to the Society means that you are helping to advance research so that more Canadians can live longer.

What type of donation would you like to make?


Making a monthly donation is one of the best ways to contribute to our mission because it provides us with consistent funding over the course of the year, which in turn helps to reduce our administrative costs and allows us to devote more resources to cancer research.

In memoriam

A gift celebrating the memory of someone dear to your heart who has passed on represents a meaningful and lasting way to honor this person.


It only takes a minute to make a donation that will allow you to contribute to the most promising cancer research projects in the country. A single gift is the most direct and simple way to do your part.

In honor

Say Happy Birthday, Congrats or Mazel Tov in a meaningful way! Celebrate a loved one’s special occasion with a donation to cancer research.

CRS Challenge

The journey of a lifetime to help save lives. Support one of our CRS Challenge participants by donating today.