Paving a new way

to therapeutic options

The Cancer Research Society has launched UpCycle, a new funding program focused on repositioning drugs, which aims at paving a new way toward innovative therapeutic options in the field of cancer. The repositioning of drugs is an approach which has proven its worth in numerous fields of therapy and aims for reorienting the use of existing drugs for new applications thanks to the progress of modern medicine. The Society wishes to encourage this approach specifically in oncology in order to allow a more rapid development of treatments at lesser risk and infinitely less expense.

The Cancer Research Society is the first organization in Canada which seeks to systematically explore and implement the untapped potential of existing medication for the treatment of cancer. Of the roughly 1,500 drugs already approved for treating various human diseases, several have shown themselves able to reduce the risk of developing a particular cancer, to halt the progression of tumour cells or to reduce the number of relapses.


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